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Fudge with hemp protein

Fudge with hemp protein 3pak

Fudge with hemp protein 3pak

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Fudge with hemp protein is a combination of traditional production technology dating back to the 1950s with the new taste of hemp protein, which makes it stand out on the Polish market. Konopny Raj fudge is made primarily of high quality ingredients, perfected recipe and, consequently, full and rich taste.

The composition of the fudge is based on good quality fats derived from milk and butter and the addition of as much as 5% of high quality hemp protein. Hemp protein is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant, which is known around the world and is classified as a superfood. Hemp protein is one of the best known sources of plant protein. It is a valuable and interesting addition to sweets.

Hemp Paradise fudges are free from preservatives, colourings and other additives that improve taste, color or consistency. Moreover, fudges with hemp protein are naturally gluten-free.


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